Sunday, August 26, 2007

For those wanting more detail...

Click on this link for a lot more photos from our California trip: California photos

A day at the beach

On Saturday we spent most of the day at the beach near Allison & Stephen's house in Montecito.

Back to the Ojai

Great to be back in the Ojai Valley. We had a nice time visiting Thacher with Allison, Stephen & their niece Sage.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Seeing friends in Salinas

For the last couple of days we were in Salinas visiting Alex and Christy. Lots of pool time, excellent dinners and a great tour of the Eastman's equine clinic.

Hello this is Liam 8/23/07

All of my family’ belongings are packed on a train heading for California. From California our belongings will get on a boat called the Varamo. The Varamo will sail for one month be for arriving in New Zealand.

My family and I are in California heading for Ojai. We flew in to Oakland California. The same day we drove to Ross California. That night we stayed with my parents’ friends.
They had a good bye party with lots of kids that night. They had one amazing garden.

The next morning we left for Fresno. We arrived in Fresno around four o’clock. Next we went to my dad’s uncle and aunts house. My dad’s cousin was living there to. At there house there was three springers, two cats, three female pheasants, one pheasant chick, about 30 eggs and one amazing male pheasant. My dad’s uncle and cousin build signs made of wood and metal. My dad’s uncle made me one. To be continued.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Boys!

It's August 22nd, so it must be odometer rolling time for Don & Jay. Happy Birthday guys!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


We had a great time with Cheryl, Jerry & Quent in the Central Valley. We got to see their pheasants, lots of pheasant eggs, a pheasant chick, humming birds and carrier pigeons. Jerry made the boys signs with their names on them. Here's a picture of us before we went out to dinner.

Off to Fresno

On Sunday we drove to Fresno to see cousin Quent, aunt Cheryl & uncle Jerry. We left the Gambles in Marin and went the long way via the Golden Gate Bridge, the curves of Lombard Street, and the soon to be demolished (the east side) Bay Bridge.

Toad Party

Molly & Mark Gamble threw a fun Thacher get together Saturday evening at their home in Marin County. The fun was excellent, the weather great, the conversation engaging and the yard perfect for hours of hide & seek for the kids.

Sound Check

We met Raul before Ozo's Red Rocks concert on Friday, 17AUG. He took us backstage (actually, under stage at Red Rocks) and then to the sound check. The show that night was excellent!

Trying to sell a house, or two

Wow, one house down, one to go. Anyone in the market for a getaway in the clouds? Here it is.